Bird of Paradise

Giant White Bird of Paradise ‘Strelitzia nicolai’ –  Not in stock -Pre-Order item

Orange Bird of Paradise ‘Strelitzia reginae’. -In Stock April 1st




We carry both Giant White Bird of Paradise ‘Strelitzia nicolai’ & the Common Orange Bird of Paradise ‘Strelitzia reginae’. If ever a single plant could symbolize exotic, sub-tropical it would be this one.

White & Orange Birds of Paradise will grow in full sun but seem to be happiest in part sun or part shade.

Hardy to Zones 9-11. Both plants flowers will bloom more abundantly when they are pot-bound.  Easy to care for and make a great house plant or a beautiful addition to any container landscape.

Both plants resemble a bird in the shape of their flowers looking like a birds heads and the Giant white Birds leaves look like feathers.

*Giant White Bird Of Paradise

Giant White is a considerably larger species than the Orange. Growing up to 20 feet; up to 7 feet as a houseplant.

The flowers consist of dark blueish sepals and petals in a blended colour of purple and blue and blossom on and off during warm weather.

Much more rare than the Orange Bird of Paradise.


*Orange Bird Of Paradise

Growing only 4 feet tall.

Features bold spikes of orange flowers with blue overtones rising above the foliage

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