• Dwarf Kieffer (Thai) Lime
  • Bearss Seedless Lime
  • Dwarf Australian Fingerlime
  • Mexican Key Lime

Our trees are over 5-10 years old which makes them mature enough to bear quite an abundance of fruit.

Producing a crop every year consistently as they do in warmer parts of the world.




  • Dwarf Kieffer (Thai) Lime- Larger Trees Available

The cooking lime- mostly used in asian dishes this rumply skinned fruit is used for their zest and leaves.   When crushed or cut this lime produces and intense lime scent.  We have large sizes available, growing columnar they are great to use in tighter spaces.

  • Bearss Seedless Lime – Large and Medium Size Trees Available

A dark green seedless lime that matures to a light green almost yellow colour.  A cross between a key lime and a lemon.  With lime clusters growing all over  after producing fragrant white flowers.  Great for baking and drinking.

  • Dwarf Australian Finger Lime- Small and Medium Sized Trees Available

Also known as caviar limes, a citrus fruit belonging to Citrus Australasia, a variety of micro citrus that have evolved for millions of years in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea.  Australian finger limes are long and cylinder-like in nature, reaching 3-12 cm in length and a diameter of 1-3 cm.  Small and mighty this little fruit packs quite a punch of flavour. With pink fragrant blooms and an abundance of dark green fruit every year.

  • Mexican Key Lime- Medium To Large Trees Available

Producing small limes 3-5 cementers in size after fragrant white flowers.  Surprisingly enough these limes are ripe when they get their greenish yellow colour.  Usually we see them as green in a grocery store.  This lime is also known as the Bartenders Lime due to its extensive use in the bar tending industry.

Please contact us to inquire about availability and prices.


* Fun Fact *  Citrus fruits take about 9 months to ripen from flower.  Even in California they take 9 months to fully ripen and produce one crop a year.  We try our best trick our citrus to produce fruit for the summer season instead of being ready during winter.