Overwintering Pricing

Enhance your tropical experience with our convenient overwintering service. Leave the hassle of protecting your plants from winter to us – we will pick up your plants in October and return them in May, fully nurtured and prune. Our comprehensive overwintering package includes pick up, fertilizing, pruning, and drop off.  Check out our prices with an effortless sign up form for our overwintering program.

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*These prices do not include GST.
*To accurately measure your planter, measure from the outside rim on one side to the opposite outside rim.
*The overwintering works out to $1.50 per inch x pot size x 7 month storage. We Do Not Work With Monthly Payments
*Pick ups start in late September until mid to late October depending on weather. Storage runs until May being a seven month storage.
** WE REQUEST PAYMENT UPON PICK UP ** This covers the cost of picking up your plants, heating the greenhouse, fuelling the truck, providing fertilizer, maintaining and caring for your plants. Your contribution ensures the high quality service and attention your plants deserve.
*If paying with credit card there’s an extra 2% fee due to credit card charges. E transfers have no extra charge.


Overwintering Storage For Your Plants
These Prices Do Not Include GST & These Prices Are For The Entire 7 Month Storage
Or Call With Card - Note Due To Credit Card Fees there is an extra 2% charge - No Extra Fee For E-Transfer.