Step into a world of natural beauty and serenity at our newly opened plant conservatory, now available for events and gatherings. With space for 10 to 12 eight foot tables indoors, you can host a variety of workshops such as pottery and painting, psychic fairs, and more. Our outdoor area is perfect for markets, fundraising events, and live music performances, accommodating over 100 guests. Plenty of parking is available on site, with overflow options provided in our neighbours yard next-door. Book your event today and experience the magic of our plant conservatory and garden centre venue.



Conservatory:  $20/hr or full day (9-5) for $160 (minimum 3 hours)

+ Extended Conservatory (addition x square foot): Unavailable until May 20th 2024: $50/hr or full day(9-5) for $300

Outdoor Space: $15/hr or full day for $100


If you want your event to be completely uninterrupted and we need to shut down to the public:

Conservatory: $25/hr or for full day/night (8 hours) $165 (minimum 3 hours)

 + Extended Conservatory (addition x Square foot): Unavailable until May 20th 2024: $55/hr or full day/night (8 hours) $350

Outdoor Space:

Certain things are for community with no fee so please connect with us for details.